I've been going hard for the last little while, counting threads, timing dye pots, accounting, blah blah blah...but I also have been doing some fun stuff too (well fun to me anyway)...including:
  •  pulling super soft white hats over my eyes
  • watching numerous hours of Six Feet Under
  • dreaming of the episodes I just watched of Six Feet Under (really, this is a profound show where the acting is amazing!)
  • cooking fancy, time consuming meals
  • picking my neighbour's flowers (just kidding)
  • surfing etsy
  • tweeting
  • reading (just finished The Mammoth Hunters...Ayla rules!)
  • scrubbing things (you know, the floor, the bath tub, pots, pans...it's really rewarding. Whaaaaat?!?)
  • eating berries
  • making ice cream (ok so I haven't broken out the Donvier in a while but I dream of it!)
Ok, kind of a boring list but it's my list and I stand by it.




08/16/2011 21:52

Hehe, you're the cutest.


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